Here at Roof-Over America, we specialize in roofs and only roofs. That means our highly experienced team knows anything and everything about commercial metal roofing and how to provide the most effective and efficient solutions to common roofing problems. No job is too big or too complicated, we do it all. Explore our basic services and contact us to set up an estimate.
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Not sure if a roof-over is right for you? We offer free inspection and estimate services to determine the right solution for every roofing problem. Our goal is to fix your roof, not sell you something you don’t need, so you never have to worry about pushy salesmen out to take advantage of you.

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Professionally installed roof-overs are what we do and nobody does them better than Roof-Over America. As the licensed commercial roofing contractor and roof-over specialist of choice in Florida, Roof-Over America prides itself in providing this unique and valuable service with an unmatched commitment to quality.

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Unlike diamonds, roofs aren’t forever. While we recommend roof-overs as the optimal solution to most of our customers’ roofing problems, there are occasions when a brand new roof is what’s needed. Thankfully, we can do that too. Let our team of experienced roofing specialists install a shiny, brand new metal roof when there’s no other option.

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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to keeping your roof leak-proof and at its best, we couldn’t agree more. Protect your investment with regular upkeep and maintenance by our highly-trained staff to prevent it from becoming a problem later on down the line.

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